Our Pastor

Pastor Robert Griffith commenced his ministry at Gunnedah Baptist Church in March 2020. Ordained in the Baptist Church in 1993, Robert came to us with a broad pastoral, ministry and leadership experience both inside and outside the Church. That experience has given Robert a deep and broad understanding of the mission of Christ and the place of the Church in 21st Century Australia.

A great deal has changed since Robert began as a lay preacher in regional NSW over 45 years ago. The Church is now less relevant, less respected and less engaged with the world around us. Forces inside and outside the Church have placed enormous pressure on our preachers, teachers and leaders to alter the Gospel to make it more compatible with the humanistic syncretism of our age.

Within that hostile environment Robert believes people are yearning more than ever for the Truth and for an authentic Christian experience through relationship with a living, present God. That can only be found in the timeless Gospel, which Robert continues to proclaim in Christ, through Christ and for Christ.