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by Pastor Robert Griffith

Pastor's Blog

by Pastor Robert Griffith

Some quotes to ponder …

by | Feb 8, 2022

“Jesus did not initiate any ministry when He was here as a man. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus discerned what the Father was already doing and then invested Himself in that ministry.”  (Source: ‘A New Day Dawns’) 

“Jesus did not come to meet our expectations – He came to meet our real need.” (Source: ’Dashed Expectation Sunday’)

“God does, Who Jesus is – all the time.” (Source: ‘Humility – the Open Door to Grace’)

“Jesus is everything, or He is nothing.” (Source: ‘Jesus is Everything’)

“We are not called to imitate Jesus, we are called to surrender to Christ.” (Source: ‘Christ in Us’)

“In the kingdom of God, the quality of your life depends not on what you do for God or others, but on believing and receiving what God has done for you and continues to do for you, in you and through you – in Christ.” (Source: ‘Opening the Door to Love’)

“God chose us before we had a chance to do anything to mess it up.” (Source: ‘What Has God Done for Us?’)

“When God comes to us, He always comes to us in love.” (Source: ‘Fear Not’)

“Love is always more important than religious activity.” (Source: ‘Without Love it’s all Nothing’)

“The most terrifying and confronting truth in all of Scripture is this: God is good.” (Source: ‘What is the Gospel?’)

“God accepts us totally as we are … but He loves us too much to leave us there!” (Source: ‘Acceptance and Change’)

“God sees all that you should be. God sees all that you could be. But God loves you, just as you are” (Source: ‘The Outrageous Love of God’)

“The Church is not where we go or what we do – the Church is who we are..”  (Source: ‘It’s All Greek to Me’)

“Evangelism is not a task we are given to do – evangelism is the natural outflow of a healthy Church.” (Source: ‘It’s All Greek to Me’)

“The Church does not have a mission – Jesus Christ has a mission and that mission has a Church.”  (Source: ‘The Church is not an Institution’)

“Religion is our feeble attempt to establish and maintain a relationship with God through every means possible other than that which He ordained, provides and empowers.” (Source: ‘God Hates Religion’)

“We have never been called to serve the Church.” (Source: ‘The Church is not an Institution’)

“If Christ is not in the centre of everything; if preaching and living the gospel is not our highest priority, our greatest passion and our main strategic purpose, then we are ‘being’ something other than the Church.” (Source: ‘Giving the Church Back to God.’)

“God will light the fire when we lay on the altar.” (Source:‘A Prison Without Doors’)

“Jesus + nothing is our salvation and our life.” (Source: ‘Relationship Vs. Religion’)

“If we don’t experience God as a person – we really don’t experience Him at all.” (Source: ‘Knowing God’)

“You stand before God as if you were Christ, because Christ stood before God as if He were you.” – Charles Spurgeon (Source: ‘The Power of the Gospel’)

“Either Jesus is your everything – your justification, your sanctification, your abundant life irrespective of your performance, or He is nothing!” (Source: ‘The Law and the Promise’)

“You owe God nothing for your salvation!” (Source: ‘The Law and the Promise.2’)

“Just as humility is produced by security which is rooted in acceptance, pride is produced by insecurity which is rooted in rejection.” (Source: ‘Humility – the Open Door to Grace’)

“The only way you can have a relationship with God is to believe that God has already done everything for you. All you have to do is believe it, receive it, participate in it, enjoy it and let that power produce fruit in your life.” (Source: ‘Free from Accusation’)

“It’s easier to get the world to repent of its worldly behaviour, than it is to get the Church to repent of its religious behaviour.” (Source: ‘The Deadly Cycle of Self Effort’)

“Rules are useless at making people holy and the fear of judgement can never, ever produce righteousness.” (Source: ‘You are Radically Free!’)

“Jesus was able to humble Himself because He was totally, utterly secure. He knew who He was and He knew His Father’s love. He had nothing to prove, nothing to hide, nothing to defend, nothing to lose and nothing to gain. He had everything of God, so He could humble Himself all the way to the point of death.” (Source: ‘Humility – the Open Door to Grace’)

“Justification by grace through faith is the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” (Source: ‘Justification by Grace through Faith’)

“As believers, sin doesn’t break our fellowship with God, it just fills us with shame and we turn away from God. He never turns away from us.” (Source: ‘The Deadly Cycle of Self Effort’)

“Jesus was able to humble Himself because He was totally, utterly secure. He knew who He was and He knew His Father’s love. He had nothing to prove, nothing to hide, nothing to defend, nothing to lose and nothing to gain. He had everything of God, so He could humble Himself all the way to the point of death.” (Source: ‘Humility – the Open Door to Grace’)

“God works miracles, not because you’re a good Christian, but because you believe the gospel.” (Source: ‘The Empowering Presence of God’)

“Humility has absolutely nothing to do with status or class or rank. It only has to do with character.” (Source: ‘Humility – the Open Door to Grace’)

“If you go after joy as an end in itself, you will never find it. If you go after Jesus, you get Him, and joy comes as a bonus!” (Source: ‘Joy – The Proof of Grace’)

“We are called to be channels, not reservoirs.” (Source: ‘The Work and Rewards of Grace’)

“The essential place to start in building mature Christian character is not by doing something but by receiving God’s love.” (Source: ‘Humility – the Open Door to Grace’)

“God treats everyone fairly – but not equally.” (Source: ‘All of Life as Grace’)

“When you’re in God’s presence, everything on you, around you, and in you becomes something you want to use to worship Him.” (Source: ‘Hail the King!’)

“God’s grace pulls you more vitally into the joy and happiness of the Master – or it pushes you out of it altogether.” (Source: ‘The Work and Rewards of Grace’)

“By responding to God’s acceptance of us – we are changed from the inside out. The love and grace of God revealed to us in Christ has its own transforming power.” (Source: ‘Grace and the Mission of Christ’)

“You don’t change in order to be accepted. Acceptance empowers you to change.” (Source:‘Grace and the Mission of Christ.2’)

“The Church will be renewed the day we truly believe who we really are.” (Source: ‘Living Under Grace’) 

“Shepherds do not feed sheep. Shepherds lead sheep to food and the sheep decide to eat it or not.” (Source: ‘Living Under Grace’)

“We are called to advance the Kingdom of Heaven, by His grace, for His glory as stewards of His presence and power.” (Source: ‘Why are we Here?’)

Jesus came to release heaven on earth and He has called us to join Him in that mission.” (Source: ‘Releasing Heaven on Earth’)

Our DESTINY is to dwell in heaven alone. Our ASSIGNMENT is to bring heaven to earth first.” (Source: ‘Releasing Heaven on Earth’)

“Repentance and a changed life are not conditions for salvation – they are the first fruits of salvation.” (Source: ‘Grace and the Mission of Christ.2’)

You are seldom going to find what you’re not hungry for in the kingdom of heaven.” (Source: ‘The Gate of Heaven’)

“You will always promote and live in the reality of the kingdom of which you are most aware and upon which you are more focussed.” (Source: ‘The Gate of Heaven’)

“We have been called into a lifestyle that is absolutely impossible.” (Source:‘Kingdom Living’)

“Many people are satisfied with good theology but they stop short of a divine encounter.” (Source: ‘Wisdom and Power’)

Power ignites the fires of revival, but it’s wisdom that keeps them burning.” (Source: ‘Wisdom and Power’)

“Once you’ve seen the supernatural supply of God, you’ve lost every right to start any thought process with what you don’t have.” (Source: ‘A Kingdom Worldview’)

“Satan conceals – Jesus reveals.” (Source: ‘The Hard Truth’)

“God expects His people to be the means by which He solves ALL the problems of the world.” (Source: ‘If My People’)

“Busyness is artificial significance.” (Source: ‘The Weeds of Unbelief’)

“We are designed to hear from God.” (Source: ‘Hearing from God’)

“If God is present – God is speaking – and God is always present.” (Source: ‘Hearing from God’)

“You will never discover God through analysis. You only discover God through surrender.” (Source: ‘Hearing from God’)

“MERCY is when I don’t get what I deserve. GRACE is when I get what I don’t deserve.” (Source: ‘Embracing our Design’)

“It’s not true because it’s in the Bible.  It’s in the Bible, because it’s true.” (Source: ‘Loving God’)

“The repentance of God’s people is the starting point of all true reformation.” (Source: ‘The Next Reformation’)

“God often presents us with ministry opportunities which require our involvement or they just won’t happen.” (Source: ‘The Harvest is Plentiful’)

“It could be that the greatest hindrance to evangelism is the poverty of our own experience of God.” – Billy Graham (Source: ‘The Harvest is Plentiful’)

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