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by Pastor Robert Griffith

Pastor's Blog

by Pastor Robert Griffith

Pray for our Nation

by | Apr 12, 2021

I had the great privilege of being a Candidate in the 2004 Federal Election in Australia. At that time I had been serving as the Senior Pastor at Orange Baptist Church for over ten years and my decision to offer myself to serve in our national Parliament came with the full support of my Church’s leadership team and many in my congregation became very involved in the political process as a result. We also mobilised many people to pray specifically for our nation’s leaders.

That year was incredibly busy as I travelled over 30,000km in less than eight months and met thousands of people across my electorate. I also had the privilege of visiting our national Parliament many times during the campaign and I spent time with a number of Cabinet members. It was a rare treat to meet and talk to people like John Howard, Larry Anthony, Joe Hockey, Warren Truss and a number of other key members of Parliament at that time.

As I was a Nationals Candidate, the person I spent the most time with that year was our Party’s leader and the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. John Anderson. I was blessed to have John visit my electorate on four separate occasions that year and I have very fond memories of our time together. It was also my great privilege and blessing on several occasions to meet with John in his office in Parliament House as we prayed together for our great nation. John’s uncompromising Christian faith, his passionate love for our great nation and his unyielding commitment to regional communities, was truly inspiring and he mentored many people in his time in leadership.

It was a great loss to our national Parliament the following year when John decided it was time to leave politics and move into the next chapter of his journey. Since leaving Parliament 16 years ago, John Anderson has remained active as a key note speaker and commentator and more recently his online presence and podcasts have been a great blessing to many Australians who share his deep concern for our nation and its leadership.

NEWS FLASH:  I am sure there are thousands of Australians who share my joy in hearing of John’s recent decision to offer himself as a Senate candidate in the next federal election.

I believe our nation will be blessed to once again have John’s extensive experience, Godly wisdom and his rare ability to engage with all sections of our society in a forthright, but respectful manner. Please pray for John and Julia as they seek to re-enter the very tough, but vitally important federal political arena. We need to pray for all our representatives at a Federal and State level and ask God to raise up more men and women of faith who share a Christian worldview and are committed to God’s Kingdom purposes for mankind.

If you would like to hear John explain why he has made this decision, then the following video will help you know how to pray for our brother as he prepares for his return to representative leadership in our nation.

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