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by Pastor Robert Griffith

Pastor's Blog

by Pastor Robert Griffith

‘Online Church’ is a myth!

by | Mar 18, 2022

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us over two years ago, the Christian Church has exploded in cyberspace as millions of Christians were forced to connect with the Church online during multiple lockdowns. There cold easily be fifty times more Christian content online now than there was three years ago and I have gladly contributed to that. It’s exciting to see the gospel making such inroads into a medium which has been dominated by less than wholesome content for so long now.

There is a downside of course. Depending on what you think the Church actually is, many believers are not returning to face-to-face worship gatherings now the lockdowns have been lifted. Many more are returning only spasmodically.  They quite like tuning in online from their sofa, still in their pyjamas, whilst enjoying a cup of coffee! That’s not a terrible thing, but when people start referring to that as ‘online Church’ – alarm bells should be ringing very loudly!

‘Online Church’ is a myth. ‘Online Church’ cannot exist. ‘Online Church’ is a contradiction in terms because the real ‘Church’ cannot be online.  We can have online ministries and I hope that part of the Church’s work only increases. But you can’t experience or engage with the Church from your sofa at home.

You can’t serve from your sofa.
You can’t enjoy rich fellowship from your sofa.
You can’t experience the power of a room full of believers worshipping together from your sofa.
You can’t lay hands on your brother or sister and pray for them from your sofa.

Christians aren’t consumers of content – we are contributors.

We don’t just watch – we engage.
We Give.
We sacrifice.
We encourage.
We lay hands on the hurting.
We hug (a lot!).
We do life together – in person.

Every time you make a choice to be somewhere other than with your gathered brothers and sisters in Christ, the Church is less than it could be and you rob yourself and everyone around you. The Church needs you and you need the real Church – not some online facsimile. Of course I am aware that there are some who have no choice and online ministries can be a life-line for them. This blog is addressed the other 98% of people who have the choice!

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