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by Pastor Robert Griffith

Pastor's Blog

by Pastor Robert Griffith

Happy New Year!

by | Jan 1, 2022

Well it seems that Christmas is over. The nativity scenes are disappearing. The Christmas lights are coming down and because we celebrate Christmas at the end of our year, it has become a conclusion to the year and a wonderful way to end another 12 month chapter in our life’s journey. But then I saw this shirt advertised again last week, a few days before Christmas. But is it over?

Let’s do some thinking here for a moment. The entire Christmas story, if told correctly, is actually a story of beginnings – not endings. It’s a story full of promise for the future, not some bookend at the end of the shelf we call ‘a year’.  However the world and most Churches are telling us that Christmas is over for another year. Sadly, that may be true for many – but that should never be the case. Christmas is where the greatest story ever told begins.

When the song of the angels has stilled, when the star in the sky has gone, when the wise men are safely home and the shepherds are back with their flocks … then the true work of Christmas begins:

… to find the lost,
… to heal the broken,
… to feed the hungry,
… to release the prisoner,
… to rebuild the nations,
… to bring peace among the people,
… to make music in our heart,
… to worship our Messiah and King,
… to embrace His mission to bring heaven to earth and
… to advance His kingdom every day!

Christmas is never ‘over’ and it certainly does not signal the end of a year or the end of a chapter or the end of anything – it is always pointing us to a beginning. Now I know that ‘Merry Christmas’is followed very closely by‘Happy New Year’and that we make thatthe beginning. But January 1st is nothing more than date on the calendar. The truth is this: unless the reality, the power and the wonder beneath the tinsel, bells and carols of Christmas is a daily reality, a present power, an embraced truth in our lives today – then this new year will be no happier than the last.

We can gather up all the ‘happy new year’ blessings we like and they will mean nothing, produce nothing and just make us a little more skeptical about that phrase next year! Unless Jesus has truly come to more than a manger in Bethlehem; unless the blessed child in that nativity scene is also the crucified, risen and reigning Lord in our lives, our Church, our families and our world, then Christmas really isover and any new year ‘happiness’ we experience will be worldly and superficial.

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